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References Category:Educational test Category:Educational software Category:Educational technology Category:International education industry Category:Learning management systems Category:Educational management software Category:Educational technology companiesCricket has a wonderful ability to draw such high level drama out of normal life in different ways. Consider what we witnessed over the last few days, starting with a chance to score a series of Ashes victories in Australia that fell short on the last day, only to be saved by an unbelievable and unexpected rain delay and then by a disastrous batting collapse. We've seen cricketers getting into trouble and pleading with their respective board or organising body to help them out; heck, you even had an entire nation (India) rallying around one particular cricketer. There was even an outpouring of support for the "bad boy" who made such a heinous mistake that others found reprehensible, or the out-and-out villain who left a Test match early, by saying "I don't like him." Some of the incidents highlighted what makes cricket so compelling: the taut intensity, the meaning of sweat, injuries, and an ability to pick an argument by drawing analogies to less titillating concepts like human anatomy or moral values. With this in mind, I would like to share with you the most outlandish, shocking, and outrageous incidents that have graced the world of Test cricket over the last century. Sydney Morning Herald, Sep 15, 2012: Cummins’ latest indiscretion involves a charge of intentional conduct to the head of Andrew Symonds and a potential charge of assault on his former teammate. The day after that, he left the field in Brisbane in the middle of a Test match. The day after that, he was sitting alongside Pat Cummins as the captain of NSW in a Sheffield Shield game. And not only did he play, he scored a hundred. I don't know about you, but to me, all that just smacks of a man who had little regard for the game. After the whole Symonds debacle, Cummins should know better. The Sydney Morning Herald, Oct 31, 2013: The prime minister is a cricket fan. An orgy of verbal diarrhoea in Perth over the past few days seemed like just the sort of things he'd enjoy. If only he'd bothered to turn up. The Sydney Morning Herald, Nov 14, 2012: ac619d1d87

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